Solar Inspection

Solar energy is a vast, inexhaustible, and clean resource; and photovoltaic cell arrays are pivotal for a greener future. Unclean or inoperable hardware can negatively impact their functionality, keeping your solar array from experiencing the full benefits of solar energy.

Optimize solar power performance with solar energy inspection services from Drone Space Services. By combining innovative technologies with extensive inspection experience, our inspectors perform thorough examinations of solar panels as well as associated wiring and hardware in a professional, safe, and efficient manner.

Solar Array Installation Importance

  • Transitioning to solar energy has long-lasting benefits for energy consumption and the environment. While solar panels are critical, their hardware and wiring are no less important. Faulty wiring and loose connections commonly result in subpar functionality and, in some cases, electrical fires

Commissioning Solar PV Systems

  • Has your solar system been built to specification? Inspection is a common part of controlling the quality of your solar investment. This critical installation step ensures safety and performance in your solar PV system. QLS has a widely distributed network of inspectors that can perform your solar commissioning inspections.

Why Choose Drone Space Services?

Drone Space offers high-value quality assurance solutions to solar array owners, operators, and installers. Our skilled personnel are adept at spotting issues and verifying solar panel system components are conforming and installed following client specifications and regulatory standards. When problems arise, Drone Space provides instant reaction and communication to all parties. 

  • Immediate response
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team members
  • Attention to detail
  • Cloud-based tracking system – Our field employees have access to FLIR (Infra Red Cameras) as well as Unmanned Aircraft Systems with Infra-red capabilities solution that enables customers to watch inspections. This facilitates real-time responses as opposed to long email chains that take up valuable time and data.

Improve your solar energy system using Drone Space. With our solar energy inspection services, your solar lasts.