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The Best Drone Licencing Approved By The KCAA

We’re on a mission to elevate drone pilots everywhere with the highest quality educational content, targeted to your needs. How do we know we’re offering you the absolute best courses? Because we’ve engaged our network of thousands of DroneSpace Pilots all across the country to ensure we’re providing relevant, up-to-date, and informative material for remote pilots of all experience levels.

  • Air Law/ CAA (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Regulations 2020
  • Operating Procedures and Specifications
  • UAS General Knowledge
  • UAS Theory of flight
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Human Factors
  • Radio Telephony
  • Mock exams are given at the end of each subject. Thereafter a formal exam is written.

One on One instruction with professional flight instructors with a recommendation of 5 hours for students with prior drone experience. Our instructors will evaluate each person individually, and assist them personally where there are areas requiring improvement for competency.

Students will undergo a checkout flight by a qualified Designated Flight Examiner (DFE) where their knowledge of the rules, regulations, airmanship & flight ability will be tested and evaluated in accordance with the KCAA skills test form.

Passing this test will qualify our students to complete an application for a Remote Pilots License (RPL) at KCAA, which enables a career within a company that has a Remote Operating Certificate (ROC).


A ROC is a certification approved and issued by the KCAA that demonstrates that an organisation fulfils the legal requirements to commercially operate a drone; Both the drone and the pilot will need to operate under a RPAS Operating Certificate.

Both the Kenya Civil Aviation regulations and Technical Specifications define the standard requirements for the issue of a ROC which are in line with the KCAA’s requirements for traditional full-size manned aircraft operations. These include several staffing roles that, if fully staffed, will overburden the administrative costs of a smaller drone operator.

This same concept also applies to companies looking for internal drone operations, whereby Drone Space can provide the infrastructure and resources to manage their Drone flight department on behalf of the business. Drone Space offers RPAS services to various sectors including Inspection, Surveillance, Surveying, Construction, Agriculture, and many more…


Students must achieve 70% or higher to pass the course.  In the event of a fail, the student will need to wait the period of time as indicated below, before re-sitting an exam.

  • Students may not apply to rewrite an examination until he or she has received the official result notification.
  • A student who has failed an examination conducted by the Authority or UTO on behalf of the Authority for the issue of a remote pilot licence may not rewrite the examination –
    1. In the case of a first or second failure, within a period of 7 calendar days;
    2. In the case of a third or subsequent failure, within a period of 2 calendar months;
    3. Where a mark of less than 50% was achieved, within a period of 2 calendar months.

If a mark of less than 50% is achieved in conjunction with a third or subsequent failure, the respective periods of 2 calendar months shall run concurrently.

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Get Your Medical Check Up Before Flying

Did you know Drone Space has partnered with Doctors Strictly Approved by KCAA to conduct Class 3 Medical Examinations? Get your check up today!

Sky Clinical Services, Mugoya Shopping Center - South C, Nairobi.

  • Class 3 Aviation Medical Certification
  • English Proficiency Level 4 Or Higher Certification
  • Restricted Radio Telephony License

Fees are payable prior to the commencement of the Course and in order to secure your booking

Drone Training Pricing

Course / Component Duration Course Fees

Application Fee

Kshs 10,000

RPL Theory (Exam Included)

5 Days

Kshs 60,000

RPL Practical

5 Days

Kshs 80,000

DFE SKills Test

2 Hours

Kshs 10,000

Aviation Medical (Class 3)

1 Hour

Kshs 10,000

Career Ready
Professional Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Flying


Drone Space is happy to introduce BVLOS operations as part of their training courses. As the Kenyan drone industry grows, demands for new Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) capabilities are increasing.

This seven-day course which include theory classroom, briefings, mission planning on simulator, Hands on training on Drone Space Unmanned aircraft and examination will introduce the professionally licensed pilot operators to the new opportunities and regulatory requirements to be considered with this service delivery.

You will be examined in a range of current systems designed for BVLOS flight. Lesson topics will range between Ground Station control to loading of mission into the drone, and from auto pilot technology to safety management.

The end objective of the course is a BVLOS Rating from Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) which is endorsed on the Remote Pilot License (RPL) and a certificate of completion from Drone Space Training Organization. 

BVLOS Pricing

Course / Component Duration Course Fees

BVLOS Rating Theory

5 days

Kshs 200,000

BVLOS Rating Practical

2 days

Kshs 150,000


  • Air Law and UAS Regulations that Govern BVLOS Operations
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) & Situational awareness in unmanned aviation
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and other technologies
  • BVLOS Safety Management Systems
  • BVLOS Operational Manuals (CONOPS)
  • Meteorology
  • Mission Planning
  • Instrument Flying
  • Case studies – UAS accident investigation

This BVLOS course is delivered Monday to Friday 9am-4:30pm for theory classes and two days thereafter hands on training on the Drone Space Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft as well as creating mission plans and loading them on to the VTOL for a real-time mission.

BVLOS Prerequisites

  • Valid Remote Pilot License (RPL)
  • English Proficiency (Level 4 and above)
  • Radio Telephony

Why Choose Drone Space for BVLOS Operations Training?

  • Hands-on training and mission loading on an actual Drone Space VTOL Aircraft.
  • Drone Space Instructors have the most experience in both Manned aviation and BVLOS Operations.
  • Drone Space provides a solid foundation for those looking to undertake UAS BVLOS Operations.
  • Drone Space is practical and gives you tools to operate and get experience while developing a compelling safety case.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone intending to fly BVLOS unmanned aircraft
  • RPAS crews, pilots, ground control operators and maintainers
  • Regulator, Multi-agency teams, company managers, procurement officers or Safety System Managers
  • Persons interested in mitigating RPAS human factors in BVLOS operations

How Will You Benefit?

  • Enable RPAS pilots to perform the multi-functional tasks required in BVLOS with an awareness and understanding based in safe operating practices
  • Broaden your knowledge of Human Factors and their implications within the field of unmanned aircraft BVLOS operations
  • Provide more insight into the Drone Technology and Drone components of VTOLs.

Under 18 Drone Courses

Drone Space is on a path to introduce Under 18 Professional Drone Training which will help The Next Generation learn and build drones in a more interactive way. Drone Space field & class programs will cater different ages (8-17 years) with instructor-led (one-on-one) sessions which ensure 100% attention and focus...

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We Don't Just Train You We Get You Flying Further

We don’t just train you – we take it a step further and welcome you to our local pilot network! It’s completely free with plenty of benefits and once you join, we’ll send you drone job opportunities in your area that allow you to gain experience, build up a credibility, and of course



  • Job Leads

    As a leading UAV organization in the country, Drone Space has access to numerous job opportunities for various drone applications. We recommend our drone pilots for these jobs, giving them a chance to establish themselves in the local market as competent drone service providers

  • Drone Application Courses

    Our RPL graduates get special discounts for our drone application courses do enable them. We offer further training on various drone applications from Drone Cinematography, Mapping & Survey, Agricultural Drone Applications and Asset Inspection. We also provide training on the various drone data software.

  • Alumni Networking Events

    Drone Space Alumni events present wonderful personal and professional development opportunities to our pilots. Our trained pilots have a platform to showcase their drone services to the audience while networking with invited market leaders and potential employers.

  • Subsidized ROC Subscription

    All our alumni subscribe to our Remote Aircraft Operators Certificate (ROC) at discounted rates for their commercial operations. It is our commitment is to ensure that our trained drone pilots are always compliant with the regulations


Drone Space has a number of drone platforms available for rent to prequalified drone pilots. Whether an RPL holder is looking for access to a simple DJI Phantom 4 pro for a quick requirement or work solution, Drone Space is able to assist. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for all your drone rental requirements.

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